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Lanbda Publishers
Publishers and distributors of books, videos, software and DVDs, including the Encyclopedia Judaica.
Land of Milk And Honey (A Web Book)
Explore a new web book on Modern Israel written for third and fourth graders! This is a social studies web book written by Rabbi Shmuel Jablon ( and Polly Wilkenfeld from a Religious Zionist view. Though originally crafted for Fuchs Mizrachi School, this book is open and available to all who are looking for help teaching about Israel....or who want to learn more themselves.
Dedicated to the learning of modern Hebrew, featuring the book "Keep it Simple-Modern Hebrew", the Audio book, Audio Hebrew Alphabet, Hebrew Authors' site and Solidarity Discussion Board. Owner Shahaf Peleg.
leah's blessing
A terrorist bomb leads to healing and reconciliation in Leah's Blessing, a collaborative novel by Rhoda Kaplan Pierce and Sandie Bernstein.
Leora G Krygier
FIRST THE RAVEN is a novel about an elderly Holocaust survivor who becomes the spiritual compass for an Israeli ex-paratrooper in a journey of reconciliation and forgiveness. The book will be published by America House in 2002.
Leora Krygier, Author
"First the Raven" (America House, May 2002) is the tale of a secular Israeli ex-paratrooper who emigrates to Los Angeles, who finds an unlikely friendship with an Orthodox rabbi who performs funerals. "When She Sleeps" (Toby Press, November 2004) is the story of a two sisters, one Amerasian, the other American, both the daughters of a Jewish-American surgeon who served during the Vietnam War. Unknown to each other, the sisters find one another by dreaming each other's dreams.
A new novel called: "Edges: O. Palestine, O Israel" set in an early 1960's Israel explores stories about the 1940's Haganah and its women,and memories of growing up in a shared land in the old city before it was divided. Edited and published by Grace Paley.
Liberia Cultural Maimonides
Scholarly bookstore specializing in SPANISH language all aspects of Judaica, Hebraica, The Holocaust,Classical studies,Filosophy, History, Poetry.
Libreria Judaica
Los libros del pueblo de Israel a su alcance. Venta de libros judaicos en espaņol.
Littman Library of Jewish Civilization
The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, established in 1965, publishes scholarly works that explain and perpetuate the Jewish heritage
Malka Drucker, Rabbi, Children's Author
Malka Drucker is an award winning author if childrens books including, The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays, A Jewish ABC, Frida Kahlo, Jacobs Rescue and the co-author of Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust
Marcia Falk's home page (author website)
Provides information on (and excerpts from) Marcia Falk's books--The Book of Blessings: New Jewish Prayers for Daily Life, the Sabbath, and the New Moon Festival; The Song of Songs: A New Translation and Interpretation; With Teeth in the Earth: Selected Poems of Malka Heifetz Tussman, and others. Also offers audio of Falk reading from her books, and provides information on Falk's speaking engagements. Special bonus--art gallery.
Mark Binder - Jewish Storyteller
Mark Binder is an author and a storyteller. He tells original (and very funny) tales of Chelm to audiences of all ages. His novel, "The Brothers Schlemiel" was serialized in the Houston Jewish Herald Voice for more than two years. You can purchase an audio book version online as well.
Matzah Ball Books
The mission of Matzah Ball Books is to foster love for and pride in Yiddish and all things Jewish. Consistent with an upsurge of endeavors to preserve Yiddish culture, Matzah Ball Books was created to give young children access to, understanding of and affinity for Yiddishisms. Our Shmutzy Girl and Noshy Boy books and shirts are top sellers
Menorah Lights Books, Inc.
Memorah Lights Books prints relating primarily to Jewish life topics. Previous publications include: a bestseller "Let's Talk Jewish --- 99 Questions Christians Would like to ask Jews"; others include "Kabbalah-To Receive the Traditions"; a series "Tales from Doc and the Rabbi --- Why Baptists Don't Dance vol. I, More Tales from Doc and the Rabbi --- Don't Drink the Holy Water vol II"; "Psalms --- Tiny Hugs for the Soul"; and "Kosher Kooking"; "Kosher Kooking for the Chanukah"; Kosher Kooking for Pesach".
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