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 Jewish China
American Jewish World Service
Non-profit humanitarian assistance, volunteer support, and technical support to people in need in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine.
American-Asian Kashrus Services
Kosher certification agency and source of information in Kosher.
Carmel School, Hong Kong
Carmel School is South East Asia's only Jewish Day School. We provide an International education based on a North American curriculum as well as a Jewish and Hebrew program. The school provides education for children aged three to eleven. Additionally, we operate a child care center for children aged one and above.
Chabad Jewish Center - Tokyo Japan
Chabad Jewish Center Tokyo Japan Since 2000, A Jewish center with Synagogue, Mikva, Kosher Food Kosher restaurant coming starting Feb 2014
Chabad of Hong Kong
An extensive website with Jewish information for Jewish residents in Asia and for travelers to the Far East.
China Heritage Tours: A Celebration of Cultures - October 2004
A Three-Day Festive Gathering of Music, Workshops, Discussion, Tours, & Audiovisual Presentations in Shanghai in October 2004 celebrating a millennium's warm relationship between the Chinese and Jews, plus 2 weeks in China visiting the modern Jewish communities of Beijing and Shanghai as well as the historic communities of Kaifeng and Xi'an. Meet students and professors of China's Center of Jewish Studies in Shanghai, world renowned Jewish China historian/author, Professor Pan Guang, and composer/lyricist and Heritage Tour creator/leader Joy Katzen-Guthrie for an exhuberant experience of history, discussion, friendship, and music between Chinese and Jews.
Harry Leichter's Jews of Asia
Harry Leichter's Jews of Asia page which includes stories and history of Jews in China, India, and other Southeast Asia Countries.
Hebrew language websites of listed Japanese Companies
Links to Hebrew language websites of Japanese companies listed on a stock exchange. A resource from Mizuho Securities.
Jewish Community of Uzbekistan in Cyberspace
Jewish life in Uzbekistan. Holidays,events.Cemetery Care programm
Jews of Asia
Explore the Jews of Asia, China, Cochin India, and the Jewish Community of Shanghai.
Kehilat Zion/Hechal Ezra
Kehilat Zion, also known as Hechal Ezra Synagogue was established in 1995 to serve the Jewish Community in Kowloon Hong Kong and to be a ‘home away from home’ for tourists from around the globe. Rabbi Meoded and the Hong Kong Sephardic Community welcome you!
SHANG-CHAI! China Heritage Tour, May 2005
Bagels in Beijing. Kung Pao Chicken in Kaifeng. Oy, what a combination! Think of the endless noshing opportunities. Exploring the Jewish-Chinese connection is more than just food. Visit current and former Jewish sights in Shanghai, Harbin, Kaifeng and Xi'an. Complete with all hotels, meals (including two Shabbat dinners), transfers and tourist attractions. For additional information, call Brian at East West Travel. (416)961-8234.
Shuva Israel community in Hong Kong
"Shuva Israel", a Tora observant Jewish Community Center. It is a base for businessmen, tourists, backpackers and citizens who wish to relax from the hectic ness of the City and nourish themselves with physical and spiritual food, in a warm homely atmosphere.
The United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong
The United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong is a Centre of Jewish Life in Hong Kong and the premier Progressive Congregation in Asia. We are a dynamic and eclectic community meeting the needs of liberal Jews in Hong Kong and beyond.
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews
News, information and advocacy on Jews, human rights and antisemitism in the former Soviet Union: Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Baltics.
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